Autumn Meeting

The Autumn AGM
Venue will be the British Motor Museum
Gaydon,  Warwick.
Details to follow.


The Autumn AGM
Venue was the Shropshire Hills Discovery Centre

Programme for the day:

10:00 to 10:30 Arrival and tea/coffee

10:45 Depart on foot to The Land of Lost Content

12:45 return to the Discovery Centre for lunch at 13:00

14:00 Formal bit followed by BAARC results,
members playback and open session.

15:30 Tea/coffee

16:45 depart.


UKARA meeting September 2016

Craven Arms is a quietly pleasant place.   The Shropshire Hills Discovery Centre was set up to showcase the area’s attractions, but with a café and meeting room, it also seems to act as a community centre for people in the town.

We made use of the meeting room to hold our sessions, starting with the inevitable concern over our finances.  Relax, UKARA is still solvent, and the long issue over the separate budgets for the association, the British contest and the international, appears to have been resolved.  Although still separately traceable, there will now be a single bank account, which will make Linda’s life somewhat easier.

Having disposed of that, we all made the short walk to ‘The Land of Lost Content’ a museum of  domestic items from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries .This was the work of one person who has amassed over many years, an eclectic and varied collection of clothes, kitchen equipment, toys, electrical items and more.   Keen eyes among the visitors would have spotted a Ferrograph 4 tape recorder amidst a number of lesser examples.

Back for a very plentiful buffet lunch, then some formal business which Peta has reported on elsewhere.  Once that was done, we settled to the most pleasant part of the day, beginning by  listening to the competition winners’ recordings, and watching the prize certificates  awarded by Tony Faulkner (see BAARC tab).  After that we listened to a few members’ recordings brought along to illustrate some particular aspects of the craft.  Mike Dickens lost out here, his CD wasn’t recognised by the CD player, even though subsequently it played without problems on other machines.  So, his pieces are on UkaraLink for those who wish to listen.

Many of the attendees seemed reluctant to leave, even after the room hire period had expired.   It seems to me that this sort of meeting is the ideal place to discuss techniques, seek advice on particular problems and look at new equipment, including an impromptu linking of two Zoom H8 recorders to form an instant 16 track machine.  Impressive, but would you want to do a serious 16 track recording on such a small-screen bit of kit?

I look forward to the next meeting.

Richard Simmons